Role of Students in Empowerment of Physically Challenged Women

        A motivational program  “Role of Students in Empowerment of Physically Challenged Women” was arranged by the IWCC for the student members of JIT  The invited speaker was Ms. Priya Murali, Secretary, Chandran-Yuva Foundation, Coimbatore. 

         The speaker highlighted on how an educated community inspire and influence a disabled individual. She also explained the major responsibilities of the student community and how can one be an empathetic community member. The speaker emphasized that the role of student community towards the disabled individual can be easily elaborated if we emphasize on creating friendly relationships with pure intent and understanding. The guest clearly addressed that the importance of forming a bond with the disabled would automatically create a sense of worth and belonging and in contrast, a distressed disabled individual won’t be able to be productive if he/she is left alone. The speaker  suggested to organize events which focuses on raising awareness through sports event, arts competitions, creativity day, gardening day etc., since these events will allow the disabled individuals to have a sense of belonging and above all, explore their interests.