Sexual Harassment and its Impact on Career

          An awareness program on “Sexual Harassment and its Impact on Career” was organized by IWCC on 22.02.2021 for the Girl student members of JIT from 3.00 to 4.00 p.m in Seminar Hall.   

          The speaker Dr.Meenasundari.P. Professor/S&H initiated her talk by saying that Sexual harassment can affect everyone as it creates an environment that makes it harder for employees to succeed. The speaker educated the participants by saying that survivors of such harassment experience a range of unwanted symptoms including depression, PTSD, dissociative disorders, eating disorders, drug addictions and anxiety in the workplace. She explained how it indirectly affects their career worsening the professional & financial situations & causing damage to organization. In that context, the speaker stressed that when a workplace is infected with discrimination and harassment, everyone suffers & the hostility created by harassment causes absenteeism, low morale, gossip, animosity, stress, and anxiety among staff. Speaker explored that workplace harassment creates a toxic culture that cripples team cohesion and harms productivity.