Sexual Harassment and Psychological Stress

            A  discussion on “Sexual Harassment and Psychological Stress “was organized by IWCC on 19.02.2021 for the non-teaching staff  members of JIT from 3.00 to 4.00 p.m in Seminar Hall.   

           The speaker Dr.Supriya.S. Professor/S&H initiated her talk by saying that people under sexual harassment may suffer from anxiety or depressive issues. The speaker cautioned that some can even be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and the effects may not show up for years. The speaker emphasized that it would be effective if women can come together in small groups and supporting each other on such situations.

        In that context, the speaker stressed that when a workplace is infected with discrimination and harassment, everyone suffers & the hostility created by harassment causes absenteeism, low morale, gossip, animosity, stress, and anxiety among staff. Speaker explored that workplace harassment creates a toxic culture that cripples team cohesion and harms productivity.   Finally the speaker concluded her talk by requesting the employers to educate patients regarding their psychological or physical responses and coping strategies, and be aware of signs of distress in patients working in such occupations in order to direct them to the appropriate treatments and therapies.