Sexual Harassment – Impact and Management

             A Group discussion on “Sexual Harassment – Impact and Management “was organized by IWCC on 18.02.2021 for the staff members of JIT.

             The speaker Dr.Shamila. E.S. Professor/CSE initiated her talk by saying that Sexual harassment can affect everyone as it creates an environment that makes it harder for employees to succeed. The speaker emphasized the possible impacts of sexual harassment in the workplace which include emotional & physical issues, Professional & financial problems, damage of organization, etc., In that context, the speaker stressed that when a workplace is infected with discrimination and harassment, everyone suffers & the hostility created by harassment causes absenteeism, low morale, gossip, animosity, stress, and anxiety among staff. Speaker explored that workplace harassment creates a toxic culture that cripples team cohesion and harms productivity.         

       Finally the speaker concluded her talk by highlighting the techniques to manage sexual harassment and suggested that employers must institute anti-harassment programs that contribute to a welcoming culture where everyone feels they are valuable members.