Women Empowerment in IT Sector

A webinar on “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ON IT SECTOR” was organized by IWCC of JANSONS INSITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY on 03.02.2022 for Teachers & students between 3.00 PM and 4.00 PM through online mode. Vyshnavi Reddy P of II ECE welcomed the chief guest for the event on behalf JIT. Sowmiya. JS (IV CSE) elaborated the profile of chief guest. Monica of III ECE was the MOC for the event. Ms. C. Swathi, the keynote speaker for the event, began her speech by explaining the pivotal role played women, as they have become major contributors to the development of IT sector in India and throughout the world. Yet women in the industry are going through a lot of adversities in their profession. She advised the students that as adversities are inevitable, the only solution is to move forward rather than going back. As more and more women are entering the IT industry in India, it is becoming increasingly important to have some focused forum that works towards empowerment of women in India. Women empowerment is important to the professional women in India. We should expand the women workforce at all management levels in the IT industry, Enable women to tread the career path by equipping them with necessary skills, Facilitate women’s quest for a better ‘work – life’ balance in IT Sector. She explained everything in detail. The feedback for the event was given by Ponkiruthika of III ECE.   A.Joe Selshia delivered vote of thanks. The event ended with national anthem.