Women in Leadership     

                 An awareness program on “Women in Leadership” was arranged by the IWCC for the student members of JIT on 07.02.2020 (AN). The invited speaker was Prof. Mishmala Sushith / Professor of PSGiTech.        

           The guest  addressed that Women always had the capacity and desire for leadership; however, due to political, economic and societal restrictions, they were unable to advance in leadership positions. The speaker stressed that there continues to be a concern about the need to develop more women leaders in all sectors and industries in most countries around the world. She explained on how decades after the so-called “feminist revolution,” women are still struggling to be seen as leaders within organizations.

             She highlighted on the disparity by observing how leadership emerges and is negotiated in discourse among male and female participants in decision-making groups in a masculine organizational culture. The speaker emphasized on few models that integrate both traditional and relational leadership practices to create a more comprehensive, responsive repertory of skills for all leaders.