An awareness program on “WOMEN’S SAFETY & SELF DEFENSE” was organized by IWCC for female student members of JIT.  Dr.Supriya, Chairperson, IWCC headed the session. 

           The session focused on the importance of self-defense. The speaker explained that Self-defense, especially for women, is of prime importance due to the world of power imbalance that we live in today. It was also said that Women are usually referred to as the weaker sex. Especially in a country like India where the cases of gender violence are on rise, while many others go unreported, self-defense for women has become imperative more than ever.

          The speaker narrated some of the common crimes against women in India and these are in addition to other vulnerable crimes such as acid attacks, groping and eve-teasing. She stressed saying that it is in these instances when the importance of learning self-defense techniques for women is felt strongly. Making these women aware, cautious, and equipped in times of need is what can put the criminals in danger and in turn can potentially reduce the number of crimes against women.

            Finally the session was concluded by the speaker by giving simple self-defense tips that could save our life. Speaker said that Defense techniques like martial arts, kung Fu & variety of karate offensive moves should be known to overcome an opponent.