Photography Contest – Tolerance & Harmony

Tolerance is respect, acceptance, and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, forms of expression, and ways of being human. It is fostered by knowledge, openness, communication, and freedom of thought, conscience, and belief. Tolerance is harmony in difference. Tolerance, the virtue that makes peace possible, contributes to the replacement of the culture of war with a culture of peace. It means that one is free to adhere to one’s own convictions and accepts that others adhere to theirs. It means accepting the fact that human beings, naturally diverse in their appearance, situation, speech, behavior, and values, have the right to live in peace and to be as they are. It also means that one’s views are not to be imposed on others.
Without tolerance and harmony, the lasting peace of societies cannot be maintained, and loyalty for each other cannot be established. MOPHO Club and NSS wing of Jansons Institute of Technology created an online Photography Contest on Tolerance and Harmony for JIT students. Photographics which are related to creating awareness regarding the theme is asked to upload with an appropriate tagline. The E- Certificates are provided for all the participants and winners.
Total Participants: 17
Winners : 3