Time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique in which a photographer will take a series of still images of the same frame at regular intervals over a period of time, then play through the entire sequence rapidly. For example, individual shots taken of a flower growing over time become a video showing how it goes from seedling to fully blossomed blooming. The purpose of time-lapse photography is to create the illusion of high-speed movement—manipulating time to make it seem as if the subject is moving rapidly. Time-lapse photography is most commonly used to capture slow processes that normally wouldn’t be very visible or interesting if being watched with just the human eye (e.g., sunrise and sunset, the movement of the stars during the night, or the growth of plants). However, time-lapses can also be used to capture fast movements and make them seem even faster (e.g., a waterfall, a crowded city sidewalk, or a busy highway). Our aim is to discover photographers in the particular theme.