Expert Talk on CE8604-Highway Engineering “Pavement Design”

The Department of Civil Engineering, Jansons Institute of Technology organised an expert talk on the topic CE8604-Highway Engineering “Pavement Design” on 8th June, 2022 in online mode.

The experts talk had the following key points:

  • A succinct overview of the history of highway engineering while highlighting key breakthroughs in road building.
  • There is also discussion on the classification of Indian roads and the development of highways.
  • National Highways, State Highways, District Roadways, and Village Roads are the four main categories of roads.
  • The subject of highway alignment is finally covered. Because they affect comfort and safety, cross-sectional element properties are significant in the geometric design of highways.
  • Camber offers drainage, resistance to friction, and reflectivity for safety, among other things.
  • The kerb, shoulders, carriageway width, and other aspects of the road should be sufficient for a smooth, safe, and effective flow of traffic.
  • The minimal values for each of these cross-sectional components have been advised by IRC.
  • The primary supporting structure for highway transportation is pavement. 

Students queries and dsiscussions were made based on the expert talk.