Clean India 2.0

      It is one of the important campaigns launched by the Government of India. The ultimate objective is to maintain a healthy and clean environment. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is also known as Clean India Mission or Clean India Drive. It is a national campaign where states are also a part of the mission.      The NSS team did a campaign in Jansons Institute of Technology on 19.10.2022. In this, We cleaned all the waste materials, tins, cans and Non-Degradable waste inside our college campus. We collected lots of waste which are harmful to the earth. We segregated the waste tins, aluminium cans, Which will be used for recycling process. Each person collected 2Kgs of waste,  Totally the NSS team collected nearly 60Kgs of waste materials from the Jansons Institute of Technology and disposed in a proper way.      In this programme, our NSS volunteers had a  good experience while cleaning the waste. The main motto of this program is to create an awareness to not to dump the waste in public places, rivers, lakes, ponds. Everyone need to dispose the waste in their respective areas.