The program aims to awaken smokers in order to keep them nicotine-free and to help them lead healthy life. The general objective of the program is to generate awareness of and promote the early prevention of respiratory and other related diseases.  People who quit smoking can cut their risk of lung cancer by 30% to 50% after 10 years compared to people who keep smoking, and they cut their risk of Mouth Cancer or Esophagus Cancer to half, within 5 years of quitting.

There are many men and their families who are affected due to drugs and steroids. Most men are affected due to smoking. As this is a serious situation of our society, The NSS team from Jansons Institute of Technology, organized an awareness program named “NO SMOKING NO CANCER” in the Chennappa chetti Pudur Village on 11.09.2021. The NSS team went to each and every person in that village and created awareness about the disease that will be caused due to smoking. Few people didn’t even know about the risk of smoking. So, the NSS team explained the prevention of diseases caused by smoking and said to avoid smoking.

Total Participants: 70