COVID Vaccine Awareness

COVID-19 vaccines are the most effective way to prevent COVID-19. Vaccines can protect us from COVID-19 by preventing us from getting infected at all, and by preventing us from getting sick, ending up in the hospital, or dying – even if we are infected. Vaccines can also prevent us from transmitting the virus to others. Our NSS volunteers went to Padhuvampalli village and spread awareness about covid vaccine. We went to each house and did a campaign about the COVID-19 Vaccination, Many of the peoples in that village were not even aware about the effect  of the COVID-19.We explained lot about the virus and gave some precaution measures too. After that, People were educated about the vaccine and how it prevents them from being affected by covid. People were also educated about the importance of covid vaccine. NSS volunteers spread awareness about the three doses, duration of each dose and the benefits of each dose.