Dengue Awareness Programme             

To improve early diagnosis and case management. To detect epidemics early and to respond to potential epidemics effectively. To strengthen monitoring and evaluation to ensure optimal programme implementation, management and performances.

The 4S campaign stands for “Search and Destroy” mosquito breeding places, “Secure Self Protection” from mosquito bite, “Seek Early Consultation” when signs and symptoms of dengue occur, and “Say Yes to Fogging” as a last resort when there is an impending outbreak.

The NSS team went to Chennappa chetti pudhur on 08.07.2022 to spread awareness about Dengue. It is one of the Dangerous diseases when it reaches its peak. To avoid that, NSS team did an awareness programme about DENGU. We explained the details and prevention steps that need to be taken at the earliest. We went to each house in that village and explained the seriousness of Dengue virus and how it is produced form our household waste.

We suggested precautionary measures like, wearing insect repellent, covering sleep areas with netting, and avoiding the outdoors at dusk and dawn (when mosquitoes are most active) can help lower the chances of infection.