Educating kids on Inappropriate touch

Child molestation and physical abuse are so very rampant. Every other day we get to hear stories about a child being molested or touched inappropriately. What’s more, children who fall prey to this are normally below six years of age. They are too young and innocent to know the difference between right and wrong because the abuser is generally someone known to them and the family.

The NSS team and NSS Program Officer Dr. K. Senthamil Selvan and VE-SIP cell coordinator Dr. S . Supriya went to Panchayat Union Primary School in Chennappa chetti Pudur village on 06.09.2022. The NSS volunteers taught the school children about good touch and Inappropriate touch in a good manner. NSS team also presented a virtual Presentation in mobile phones for the school children. We asked questions about what we presented previously and prized them with candies. The NSS team also did an entertaining show for the school children; They also enjoyed the programme and gained lot of knowledge about the good touch and bad touch.