Fire Safety Awareness Programme (in association with Mettupalayam Fire Service Station)

Fire safety awareness includes assessing the possible risks that can cause a fire hazard and taking appropriate steps to prevent and minimize the damage caused due to a fire. Basic fire safety plans might involve installation of fire safety equipment and marking safe exits points in the building. Fire safety reduces the risk of injury and building damage that fires can cause. Developing and implementing fire safety protocols in the workplace is not only required by law but it is crucial to everyone’s safety that may be in the building during a fire emergency.

Our college NSS Unit organized the Fire Safety Awareness Programme for Faculty, students, drivers and cooks on 31.12.2021 in association with Fire Service department, Mettupalayam. Leading fire Man Mr. Suthanthira Pandiyan and Fire Man, Mr. Loganathan P demonstrated the various fire safety measures. In this event, they explained about the following things
1. How to stop firing in LPG cylinders.
2. Explained about the Do’s and Don’ts in houses and work places to reduce the fire accidents.
3. Demonstrated and trained the students and staff members about the handling of fire extinguishers at emergency time.
4. Explained about the various precautionary measures to be taken to avoid fire accidents.