Online Debate Programme

An Online Debate Programme was conducted by the Tamil Mandram of Jansons Institute of Technology on April 09, 2021 at 04.30 PM. The Topic for the debate session was "Sustainable growth and development is possible with – Self Discipline or Social Structure" and Tamil Mandram members were discussed over the topic. The event link was shared to all the faculties and students of various departments. A total 25 Participants (08 Faculties and 17 Students) joined for the online session. The event was started with a welcome address. Dr. K.Senthamilselvan, Department of Chemistry acted as a judge for the debate and gave an Introduction to the topic. The following Students from the different department shared their thoughts over the topic.

  • Ms.Deepana, ECE shared her view on Sustainable growth and development is possible only with Self Discipline. He quotes the real life examples related to the topic and add weightage to her team.
  • Ms. Brindha Prakasha Darsini, ECE discussed on the side, Sustainable growth and development is possible with Social Structure. How the social structures are built and how it can be maintained for the growth was clearly expressed.
  • Mr.Aravind, ECE shared his view on Self Discipline is much needed for the Sustainable growth and development of the nation. He further added that, without the individual commitment and actions the development of society is not possible.
  • Mr. Giripragadesh, CSE discussed about Social Structure is the important thing for Sustainable growth and development. He added that, with social structure only all the living things can be exists and will operate in the future.
The judge appreciates all the speakers for the performance and summarizes the points shared by each team and gave a conclusion that, Sustainable growth and development is possible with Self Discipline. Finally the event was ended with a vote of thanks.