Thiruthakka Devar ennum samana munivaral
Iyatrappata ‘Seevaga Sinthamani’ – Maberum Ilakkiya Thiranaivu

           Thiruthakka Thevar (Tamil Jain and a descendant of Chola Dynasty) once a ruler from the Maravar Boomi(Ancient name of Madurai) lived during the 9th & 10th Century , belongs to the Maravar(Sembinaattu Maravar) Clan from the Mukkulathor Community.

            He is believed to be a learned scholar acquainted with Akattiyam and Tolkappiyam, the celebrated Tamil grammar works as well as deep acquaintance in Sanskrit and Vedas . During his period as a ruler, witnessing the mass deaths in wars which he himself had waged out of a desire for conquest , had led him gradually become interested in Jainism which could have been a prime factor in renouncing his status as a ruler at a later stage and pursue a life of religious merit by becoming a Tamil Jain Monk and composing Civaka Cintamani.         

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