Workshop on “Ideate to Innovate”

To create an innovative eco system within the Institution, JIT –IIC organized a seminar on “Ideate to Innovate” for the students and faculty members on 25.10.2021. The session started with the welcome address and opening remarks by Dr.P. Gowtham, Vice President of JIT-IIC. He spokes about functions of JIT-IIC towards ideation, innovation and incubation. Dr. E. Shamila IIC -Convener, Associate Professor of Computer Science Department reveals the speakers profile to the participants. The session was handled by Dr. M.M.Matheswaran , Assistant professor/Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mrs. A.Praveena Innovation Ambassador of Jansons Institute of Technology Coimbatore.

Dr.M.M.Matheswaran started the session by explaining the importance of idea generation techniques to the students to enhancing their cognitive skills. He discussed about the sequential steps to be carried out in various idea generation technique. He explained that identification constrains of the problem tunes our mind into right direction to generate the innovative ideas. Then he explains the importance of perspective and change in perspective to develop various ideas for engineering problems. He enlightens the role of brainstorming technique in a team environment and mentioned that quantity of idea is important than the quality and the team leader must give equal opportunities to all. The speaker also explains the morphological chart technique with the help of a case study. Finally, he discussed the importance of observing the nature and creation of innovative idea from it. He also quoted the analogy between the bullet train and kingfisher.    

In the second half of the session Mrs. Praveena Innovation Ambassador describes the importance of SCAMPER technique. She explains the sequence of the technique that substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to another use, eliminate and reverse with suitable examples. Then the case study was explained to generate designing of watch and real implementation of the technique for the company McDonald.

The session ended with a note of thanks by Dr.M.M. Matheswaran and he insist the students use the technique and participate in Ideathon contest. About 52 students and 10 faculty members of JIT were benefitted by this seminar.