Workshop on “ Innovation to Entrepreneurship”

To create an innovative eco system within the Institution, JIT –IIC organized a workshop on “Innovation to Entrepreneurship” for the students and faculty members on 27.09.2021. The session started with the welcome address and opening remarks by Dr.M.M.Matheswaran, IIC -Coordinator of JIT. He spokes about functions of JIT-IIC towards ideation, innovation and incubation. Dr.P.Gowtham,ASP, Associate Professor of Electronics and Communication Department reveals the speakers profile to the participants. The session was handled by Dr.Senthil.SM, Assistant professor/Department of Mechanical Engineering, Project Co-coordinator for Technology Business Incubator, Kongu Engineering College Perundurai. 

Dr.Senthil started the session interactively by quote the examples from the famous Tamil movies to explain the concepts. He discussed about the sequential steps to be carried out from ideation to product development. He mentioned that create the cause, dream it to generate the idea. Think about its feasibility by using the academic knowledge while planning. Formulate a good team and work hard to execute it. Further, the insights of technology readiness levels were explained. He also discusses the fundamental requirement for a startup and the difference between entrepreneur and businessman. The case studies about product development and startup was explained in his speech. The session ended with a note of thanks by Dr,T.Meenakshi, IPR cell coordinator. About 48 students and 10 faculty members of JIT were benefitted by this webinar.