Energy conservation day celebration 2021

A seminar on “Energy Conservation is not Elite; It is Essential”

             National Energy Conservation Day is observed on December 14, every year. The day focuses on making people aware of global warming and climate change and promotes efforts towards saving energy resources. Conserving energy is a big necessity for the future and the present. Energy conservation is a practice, and it should be a habit for everyone. The true meaning of energy conservation is to avoid unnecessary use of energy and to use at least energy so that energy sources can be saved for future uses. To make energy conservation plans more effective, every person should include energy conservation in their behavior. In this regard Institution Innovation Council & National Digital Library of India club in association with Energia Club & Sustainability Cell of Jansons Institute of Technology organized a seminar on “Energy Conservation is not Elite; It is Essential”. The seminar was delivered by an eminent guest speaker Dr. S R Sivarasu BEE – Certified energy Auditor & Managing partner Ram-Kalam Centre for Energy Consultancy and Training (RK-CECT), Coimbatore. The seminar inculcated knowledge on energy saving practices in day to day life among the student community. The statistics on the benefits of saving energy individually was clearly depicted. The first step for conserving energy is to study the consumption and then regulate the usage by modifying the electrical equipments. The knowledge on the usage of wide range of energy efficient electrical equipments was discussed. He also elaborated the statistics on one-unit energy conservation by each student per day in JIT results in the considerable reduction in electricity consumption. The information on BLDC fans was shared with the students. The students gained information on the production cost and the transmission loss. The students are insisted to use renewable energy resources instead of the non-renewable resources of energy. The students were also insisted to plant more number of trees to reduce the carbon emission.