Institution’s Innovation Council -Regional Meet – South Zone

The Regional Meet – South Zone of HEIs has been established by Institution’s Innovation Councils (IICs) , MoE’s Innovation Cell and All India Council and Technical Education was hosted at Dindigul on 8th August 2022, hosted at PSNA College of Engineering and Technology. More than 500 faculty representatives from 200+ HEIs participated in this regional meet, demonstrated innovation achievements, shared their knowledge and best practices on innovation and entrepreneurship, and explored networking and collaboration with ecosystem enablers and other IIC institutions. From our Institute the following IIC members are participated.
Dr.S.Elangovan- NISP Track
Dr.M.M.Matheswaran-IIC Track
Dr.N.Srinivasan-ARIIA Track
Dr.E.shamila- IPR and TT
Around 50 innovations and 150+ IIC posters were exhibited during this occasion. So far, 4000 IICs have been established spread across the country, are part of the IIC network, and a total of 700+ HEIs established Innovation Councils in SRO zone. A total of 15 regional meets are planned and scheduled to conduct from 21st July to 9th Aug 22. A fantastic beginning and excellent participation from HEIs.

Regional Meet