MIC driven activity “ Out of the Box thinking for Problem solving”

The Ministry of Education Innovation cell conducted an MIC driven activity on the topic “Out of the Box thinking for Problem solving” by Prof. V.Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras on 28.6.2022. The webinar was hosted to create an awareness of the course “Out of the Box thinking for Problem solving” to be conducted by Pravarthak -IIT Madras. Prof V.Kamakoti introduced the course to the audience and highlighted its features. The course brings out the role of mathematics in creative thinking and how its used innovative to solve day to day problems. The course is to be conducted at different levels and students from 5th std and above can enrol for the course. The details of the certification were also explained in the webinar. The faculty of the Jansons Institute of Technology attended at the webinar at the institution. About 85 faculty members and students attended the webinar and got benefitted.

Session on Out of Box Thinking