Internal Hackathon 2022

To equip the students participate in Smart India Hackathon 2022 and to showcase their innovative ideas and develop their In Logical and Coding Skills

Internal Hackathon ‘2022 was conducted by Jansons Institute of Technology in association with the Institutional Innovation Council & Entrepreneurship Development Cell on March 25, 2022. The event started by 09:30 A.M. A brief talk was given by Prof. A.Praveena (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering) about the importance of Smart India Hackathon. She also briefed about the rules for Internal Hackathon. About 10 teams (6 students per team) from various departments participated in the event.10 teams from various departments have presented their ideas.

Students learnt how hackathons will take place and in what ways they can put effort so that they could win .They have also gained knowledge about team work.