Way to Innovate- Impact Lecture Series -I

The impact lecture series on “Way to Innovate-I” was designed to create an awareness on  innovation and entrepreneurship in the first year undergraduate students.The Institution Innovation Council of Jansons Institute of Technology arranged the impact lecture series on “Way to Innovate-I” exclusive for the first year B.E. students. The lecture series was conducted on 7.6.22, 10.6.22, 14.6.22 and 17.6.22 with the sessions handles by different resource persons. The motive behind the lecture series was to create awareness on innovation and entrepreneurship in the first year students.

The first session was handled by Prof. M/Vivek , HOD of Artificial Intelligence and data Science department on 7.6.2022. He explained about the details of innovation and the difference between different types of innovation. He also focussed the innovations that could be produced in the field of computer science and Engineering.

The second session was handled by Dr.M.M.Matheswaran, ASP/Mechanical Engineering and IIC Cell President on 10.6.2022. He portrayed the importance of innovation in the field of science and technology and the role of students to bring out emerging technological solutions for problems of technical and national relevance. He also discussed about the government initiatives deployed to inculcate the entrepreneurial skills in the students. He also discussed about the innovations in mechanical engineering.

Dr.M.Muthukumaran, HOD/Mechanical Department handled the third session on 14.6.2022. He presented in a lucid way how innovation has created changes in the life style of the people. He also introduction the concept of patenting and different forms of protection of innovation and its benefits.The fourth session was handled by Dr.S.Raghunath, ASP/Civil Engineering on 17.6.2022.  He presented his lecture with the case study of a real product in the field of civil engineering. The product was developed by the faculty of Jansons Institute of Technology. The cost analysis and the testing to be carried out before product to market was explained.From the four sessions, the students gained an overall knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship and students were interested to address domain problems.