Way to Innovate- Impact Lecture Series -II

         The Institution Innovation Council of Jansons Institute of Technology arranged impact lecture series -2 on “ Way to Innovate” for the first year students. The lecture series was conducted on 21.6.2022 and 24.6.2022 between 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. The session on 21.6.2022 was handled by Dr.T.Meenakshi, Professor and Head / EEE. She explained about the Chakku’s 7 C’s for innovation that includes Cause, Context, Comprehension, Check, Conception, crafting and connection. She also explained about the need for empathising the problem and the pitfalls encountered during the process of innovation. The 7 C’s were explained with the case study of design of water bottle for the army soldiers as per their requirement. The innovation in IR vein finder, solar oven was discussed with the students.

The session on 24.6.2022 was handled by Dr.S.Elangovan, Vice Principal of JIT. He explained about the national start up policy to the participants. He introduced technology business incubators and accelerators and discussed how it supports a start-up. The role of funding agencies, angel investors, business model and how to proceed with the funding procedures were explained in detail to the students. At the end of the two lectures, the students were enriched on process of innovation and start up funding.