Webinar on “Tools and Techniques for Patent Publication”

The main aim of this webinar is to make aware of the participant step by step procedure for obtaining patents in India, different types of forms to be used for patent filing. In our country every faculty members, research scholars and students are involved in lot of innovative developments. Most of them are unaware about the importance of patenting and their ideas and innovations. The webinar focused on tools and techniques used for patent filling.  Patents have been acknowledged worldwide as rich sources of information for technology forecasting, competitive analysis and management of patent portfolios. To catalyze awareness about the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) among people with special reference to patenting. To provide an understanding of basic concepts of IPR related terminology. To guide individual about patent drafting, formulation of claims and filing.

The core webinar program started with Dr.Kolla Bhanu Prakash, Professor, CSE Department, K L University, Andhra Pradesh. He dealt in detail about “Patent System In India”. He explained the various IPR laws in India and abroad