Webinar: Signals and Biomedical Applications Of Deep Learning

The Jansons Institute Of Technology IEEE Student Branch conducted a webinar on the topic Signals and Biomedical Applications Of Deep Learning. The speaker for this webinar was Dr.Celia Shanaz, Professor Department of EEE, BUET, Bangladesh. She is also the Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section. The event had a great success with 350 participants watching the webinar live on YouTube. The live streaming started exactly at 5.30pm IST on 4st of August 2020. Dr.Celia Shanaz started the session with a brief introduction of her journey in IEEE and the various society chapters initiated by her in Bangladesh section. She stated the importance of publishing a paper and the importance of research by briefing her published papers She covered the recent research areas of SDG along with that she also covered the limitations of CNN. Dr.Celia Shanaz clearly expounded the concept of Capsnet through the proposed structure of capsnet, routing number and effectiveness of the proposed capsnet in addition to that she also explained the Loss-Accuracy graph. She took the example of the severe skin disease named melanoma to explain the concepts such as data visualization, data Augmentation, fine tuning strategies, its applied models and the process. Detection of tuberculosis from chest radiograph was the interesting part of the session. Dr.Celia inspired the participants by sharing her volunteering experience in IEEE. At the end there was a Q&A session in which various questions was raised by the participants. Dr.Celia Shanaz cleared all the queries of the participants and gave a clear idea. The one hour session was an insightful session.

The You Tube link of this session is given below: https://youtu.be/5cD8B2Y3aI