Workshop on “Web Designing”

In today’s time, being a creator is equally important as being on the logical side of the road. With the growing number of market strategies, complex algorithms, and the need to reach out to people in a better way, to either grow your small business or an MNC, web designing plays a vital role in helping us to reach our goals and target. Considering this importance, for the IEEE Day 2021 celebration, with the presence of the Counsellor of Jansons Institute Technology IEEE SB, Dr.Elangovan, JIT IEEE Student Branch and WIE Affinity Group, organized a “Workshop on Web Designing” on 08-10-2021 & 09-10-2021. The session was handled by Mr.R.S.Heyram, Founder and CEO of He5 Solutions and a pre-final year student of the JIT EEE Department. The session started with the blessing of the Head of Department of EEE, Ms.Meenakshi. The workshop was divided into two parts, one is based on Google Sites and the other one is based on WordPress. On day one, Mr. Heyram started with the basics and importance of web designing, explaining to the participants why it plays a major role in today’s world. Then he went on with the basic features and functions of Google sites. The whole session was a hands-on experience learning for all the participants. Then he made everyone create a professional website on spot. On day two, he started with the basics of WordPress and he made all the participants create an account for their own. Then he explained in detail about hosting websites and how to get one for themselves. He made them create a host id for their WordPress website. The participants learned about the basics of creating a portfolio of their own. Then they submitted both of these in their respective Google Drive as assignments and submitted the links in the shared link. Then they were provided with the Participation Certificate. They were also involved in a fun interactive activity which improved their networking ability. The session ended with the thank you note and feedback session by the speaker.

Participants learnt about Web designing with Google sites and WordPress.